Are Mini-Split Units Energy Efficient?

Ductless Mini-Split Units

Information About Mini-Split Units

A ductless mini-split units move heat from inside to outside for cooling and vice versa for heating. They can be energy-efficient because they only transfer heat between two spaces rather than produce it, like a furnace burning natural gas. A mini-split can, however, blow cool air from as many as six air handlers. Contact Diamond AC and Heating for the best ductless mini-split system in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Are Mini-Split Units Energy Efficient?

  • Energy inefficiency is a significant problem with traditional HVAC systems. The most common issue is worn and damaged ductwork. The ductwork can be damaged, worn, or kinked, allowing air to escape and forcing the unit to work harder to cool the space.
  • AC installation in Tucson, AZ  better option than conventional AC because it can be adjusted to the desired temperature in all rooms. Remote control is required to control the temperature in each room. Other air cooling systems tend to waste enormous amounts of electricity.  
  • Mini-splits not only eliminate ductwork issues from your home but also save energy by not cooling rooms you don’t need. You can divide your residence into zones with ductless ACs and concentrate on the areas you use the most. call Diamond AC and Heating for the air conditioning service in Tucson and the neighboring areas.
  • Air conditioners with ducts require more money to maintain moderate airflow. As mentioned, leaks in the pipework can also be a problem. Mini-split air conditioning reduces the need for ductwork and airflow issues. It results in lower energy bills. 
  • Mini-splits frequently have a 20+ SEER rating (cooling efficiency) and a 10+ HSPF rating (heating efficiency).

Additional Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Units

An Excellent Option and a New Efficient Addition to the Home

Ductless is a great option because it can be appropriately sized to fit the space. It will not overload your existing HVAC system.

Reducing Efforts For Larger Homes

 Many people don’t want to heat or cool rooms that they aren’t using. They often close HVAC grilles in rooms that aren’t being used, creating pressure imbalances and mold issues. For the best ductless AC service in Tucson, AZ call Diamond AC and Heating. Our experts suggest installing a ductless system in the main bedroom and setting the central thermostat to operate minimally.

A Room With Specific Cooling or Heating Problems

A ductless Mini-Split units is an excellent option for small kitchens with large stoves, southwest views, and large picture windows.

Install AC Without the Ductwork

Although a ductless system is not inexpensive, it is still the best investment in the long run and comes with maximum benefits.

If you want to save money and have a quality heating repair in Phoenix, call Diamond AC and Heating at 602-932-6763 or drop us a mail here. Our skilled team of technicians can resolve any issue in no time.

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