How To Get A Frozen Heat Pump Running in 4 Ways

Heat Pump

Winters in Phoenix are usually mild, but even the city is not immune from ice storms. Unfortunately, since local homeowners cannot tolerate the harsh winter weather, they do not have the equipment to deal with frozen heat pumps.

A frozen heat pump can cause serious harm to your family and health, especially in the harshest winter. The wind is the strongest in winter, and you need the correct information to solve emergency HVAC problems immediately. Here are the ways to prevent this from happening and protect your loved ones.

Know the Common Causes of Frozen Heat Pump

The best way to solve the heat pump freezing problem is to fix it before it happens. There are three reasons for this, the most common of which is exceptionally cool weather. You will come to know when the temperature of the heat pump is low and when ice is forming on the coils. 

Another reason may be the lack of refrigerants. If there is a lack of refrigerant, the heat pump is more susceptible to cold and ice. Ask your HVAC technician or choose one of the best HVAC companies in Tucson to check the issue before winter arrives. 

The third reason for a frozen heat pump is improper installation. Blocking airflow leads to freezing. Trust only certified and experienced professionals to operate your HVAC system.

Activating the Defrost 

How it works depends on your HVAC model. Older models use mechanical timers, while other models do not. You can set the HVAC to start defrosting at a specific temperature for new equipment. If you want easy and better control, consider upgrading your HVAC systems. Get heat pump and furnace replacement in Tucson, AZ.

Keep the Surrounding Area Clean 

It is vital to note that blocked airflow can build up the icing. Make sure there is no dirt, leaves, branches, debris, or other debris nearby. Schedule cleaning work that you can do yourself, but you can also perform regular maintenance inspections. Also, look under the unit. If your device is on an uneven surface, water will accumulate below and block airflow. Unless you have received relevant training, do not try to adjust your unit.

 Inspect Regular Maintenance 

The problem of regular maintenance of the heat pump may be technical, requiring more experienced hands and more in-depth training. Make sure you have a maintenance plan, especially when winter is approaching to avoid unpleasant accidents. 

Although the most sensible option is to get it done before the end of autumn or early winter, HVAC companies are busier in booking home visits at this time. It is good to conduct checkups in the middle of winter. It is the best practice to keep the heat pump in good working condition.

For more tips to deal with such severe problems in your units, contact the trusted HVAC expert. Call Diamond AC and Heating for immediate assistance if you want fair and qualified service for your frozen heat pump. Our HVAC experts are always ready to come to service.

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