5 HVAC Maintenance Tips to Know Before Summer!

With summer just around the corner, your HVAC will work extra time to make sure your house is cool and comfortable. When it’s not running properly, you can easily notice it.

The good news is, with a little attention and a little maintenance, your HVAC system can work properly and won’t require a replacement.

To help you save money this summer, here are some maintenance tips!

5 HVAC Tips That’ll Save You Money

Clean vs Replace Filters: 

Not all filters need to be replaced. Sometimes these can be cleaned by hand and installed back in your system. However, it is noteworthy that cleaning them will likely cause problems in the future if your system uses disposable filters. For HVAC units that don’t use disposable filters, you can clean them by hand!

Pay Attention to the Drainage Hole: 

The drainage hole is a tiny hole below your condenser coils. It has one important job: to ensure that the AC unit doesn’t collect water. With use, however, this can easily get clogged up. Use a safety pin or a paperclip to clean the drainage hole before summer. Get reliable services of AC repair in Phoenix from a nearby contractor.

Remove Debris: 

AC’s are divided into two parts: the indoor parts (ex: the ducts) and the outdoor parts (ex: air handlers). In winter months, while your AC is not in use, these air handlers can easily be covered by debris like fallen leaves. Clear out the debris and wipe it down with a clean cloth to ensure your indoor air quality is maintained.

Get a Smart Thermostat: 

There is one reason why smart thermostats are superior to manual ones: they can adjust your house without your interruption. Once you’ve set the indoor temperature, the smart thermostat will work to maintain it. It will switch the AC on/off at regular intervals to maintain the temperature without your inspection. Most air conditioning services in Tucson provide smart thermostat installation.

Clean Fans and Vents: 

Your AC will work properly only if your fans and vents are clean. These fans and vents work all year round, providing your home with heating and cooling. when required, and this constant operation easily causes dirt to build up. Cleaning these will help cool your home faster. Contact Diamond AC and Heating AC insallation Tucson AZ.

Do You Need a Technician?

This article and many other DIYs on YouTube give the same impression: HVAC maintenance can be done at home. But the truth is, HVAC systems are very delicate and very complicated. One small part can change the efficiency and working of the system irreversibly. In such cases, you’ll be left with no option but to purchase a new one. And therefore, we recommend always calling a professional HVAC technician instead of trying a DIY.

Whom to Call?

For residents of Arizona, Diamond AC & Heating is the best AC company in TucsonThey provide long-lasting maintenance and repair services that can be booked both online and offline. They have several on-call technicians who provide service 24×7. You can find out more about discounts & promotions on their website, or call them on (602)-932-6763.

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