5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Runs Constantly

Is your AC running all the time? On a typical summer day, your air conditioner can run for about 15 minutes in each cooling cycle; however, if your cooling cycle is 30 minutes per hour, your system may have problems on that day. An AC system that runs constantly wastes energy and increases energy costs. It also causes the wear and tear of system parts.

Why Is This Alarming? 

Due to two main problems, your air conditioner runs as often as possible. The first problem is the immense waste of energy. The higher your air conditioner, the more power it uses, and the higher its charges. The second problem is that your system and its components are under tremendous pressure, which can cause failures and require immediate AC repairs in Tucson.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Keeps Running Constantly

  • Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Too Small. 

If your air conditioning unit is too small, it will always run because its power is not enough to meet the cooling needs of your home.

  • Your Air Conditioner Is Too Old. 

As air conditioners get older, they lose the ability to provide adequate cooling for your home. Various parts of the AC unit become ineffective. In addition, your AC may require running more frequently than before to keep your home cool.

  • Your System Has Air Leaks. 

Air leakage may develop around areas of windows, doors, and air ducts. These leaks will cause the air-conditioned air to run away from your home, which means your air conditioner needs to continue to generate more cold air and run for longer often than it should.

  • Your Cooling Coils Are Not Clean.  

When your cooling coil gets dirty, it will be difficult for your air conditioner to remove heat from your home. So, it is essential to clean them up during your annual tune-up sessions.

  • Your Thermostat Is Set Incorrectly. 

Your air conditioner can only hold a fixed temperature difference between your home and the surrounding environment. When you set the temperature at 67 degrees and 97 degrees out, your AC will have to run constantly to keep it up.

Regular HVAC maintenance can prevent most of these problems. We encourage you to choose the best AC company in Tucson for AC tune-ups. If your equipment remains intact through regular maintenance, it will also extend the lifespan of your cooling system.

Like all other household appliances in the home, your Air conditioner requires regular maintenance to keep it running. A technical and skilled expert will check if everything is clean and lubricated. They will replace worn parts and confirm that the thermostat is working correctly. Contact us for AC service in Phoenix.

When it comes to air conditioning in your home, Diamond AC and Heating have the knowledge and experience to bring comfort and safety to your HVAC system. From small to big houses, we have grown into a leading AC company.

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