Six Common Furnace Smells Explained

Furnaces are one of the best appliances to keep your home warm and comfortable. One mistake homeowners often make is starting their Furnace without performing routine Furnace services. Diamond AC and Heating is the leading HVAC company in Phoenix, providing superior Furnace services at the beginning of the winter season. Almost all heater owners know that their appliances emit a burning smell after a few days of usage because the high temperature causes the dust to burn on the heater. It’s important to address Furnace smells in a timely manner to ensure that your appliance is working efficiently and to avoid potential hazards.

Typical Furnace Smells

You should call our specialist for a heating repair in Phoenix if your heater emits a foul odor. Some of the offensive odors coming from your furnace include:

Burning Fuel Smell

There is a slight smell of burning fuel in gas furnaces. However, if there is a strong smell, there might be a problem with the furnace’s burners. An explosion can occur when unburned fuel builds up. In this case, you should turn off the furnace and call for heating services in Phoenix if the smell persists for a long time.

Burning Plastic Smell

If you smell burning plastic or rubber from your heat pump, you may be dealing with an electrical issue. Electrical wires can melt plastic, causing this burning smell. There is a risk of fire when electrical issues occur in HVAC systems. Experts recommend you turn off your heat pump and call for furnace repair in Phoenix as soon as you notice this smell.

Gas Leak Smell

It is easy to detect chemical odors, but it is equally dangerous to detect gas leakages. Whenever you smell something chemical or substantial around your furnace or HVAC system, you should immediately assume there has been a leak from the heat exchanger pump or the blower motor. 

Unless managed on time, these toxic gasses can cause fatal accidents. When this happens, call our professionals for furnace replacement in Tucson, AZ, and have the furnace replaced as soon as possible. 

Defrost Cycle Smell

Dirty socks smell can occur when your evaporator coils need to be cleaned. This smell might be experienced when your heat pump goes into defrost mode. During the heating season, you might have to use defrost mode for your heat pump.

When the air is much colder, frost can form quickly on the coils from condensation, causing heating to be inefficient. Frost is removed from your heat pump by briefly switching it to air conditioning during defrost mode.

Mold or Damp Smell

The ducts are prone to humidity in the HVAC system, creating an ideal environment for bacteria and mold to flourish. This musty breakout will expand and pose a major health risk without adequate maintenance, frequent inspection, and cleaning. 

Consequently, don’t ignore the smell of dampness around the furnace if you notice it. Get help by hiring our professionals for furnace replacement in Tucson, AZ, as soon as possible.

Rotten Egg Smell

You’re usually dealing with a gas leak when you smell rotten eggs. However, the natural gas used by your heat pump is not natural gas. An animal may have gotten inside your heat pump for warmth and died if it smells like sulfur. The smell can be removed from your heat pump by our heat pump installation in Tucson.

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