6 Ways Your AC is Costing You Extra Money

Air conditioners are usually used when the weather outside is considerably warm. Now that we’re heading into summer, ACs are back online. But have you noticed an increase in your electricity bills?

While there can be many reasons for an increase in electricity bills, ACs are one of them. Here are six ways to determine whether you’re paying more than you should because of your AC.

6 Reasons Your AC Costs You More:

  • Age: The age of an AC unit is one of the biggest causes of AC problems. The lifespan of an average AC is 15 years. But by the age of 13, most ACs start losing their efficiency. If your AC unit is reaching its 15th birthday, chances are, its electrical efficiency has halved. While you can try to repair this, these repairs are not a long-term solution.
  • Filter Problems: Dirty filters sound repetitive, and we know what you think: how dirty filters can cause all HVAC problems. But sadly, this is the truth. Filters keep all parts of an HVAC unit working properly. And without a clean filter, your AC unit is working extra hard to provide you with cool air. For residents of Phoenix, calling a technician for AC repair in Phoenix regularly is the best solution.
  • Periodic Maintenance: As much as it hurts us to say this, regular maintenance is the key to having an energy-efficient HVAC system. If you get a maintenance service at irregular intervals, your AC unit’s chances of having undiagnosed problems are high. These will wear out until treated and will cost you extra when you call a technician.
  • Wear-and-Tear: The efficiency of the AC unit is decided by the motor it runs on. While this motor is sturdy, it requires regular oiling and maintenance. Even with that, a motor can have cracks or breaks due to regular wear and tear. This makes it important to have the best AC company in Phoenix, on retainer who will come and check your motor.
  • Leaky Ducts: Leaky ducts usually show themselves in the form of cracks or small holes. These distribute the cool air from your AC in your walls or outside your home, i.e., the cool air doesn’t reach inside your house at all. This translates to wasted electricity and higher bills.
  • Coil problems: All coils inside the AC unit have a function. These are responsible for providing your home with coil air or removing hot air or controlling the humidity levels inside your home. If these coils are broken, resulting in leaking refrigerant, your home is not getting cool air even though your AC is on.

Who Do You Call?

The best solution for such situations is to have an HVAC service provider for air conditioning repair in Tucson, AZ. Diamond AC & Heating is ideal for AZ residents because they provide affordable AC installation, maintenance, and repair services in Phoenix, Tucson, AZ and surrounding counties.

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