Furnace Smells You Shouldn’t Ignore

7 Furnace Smells You Shouldn’t Ignore

Winters come with an irreplaceable need for heating and furnaces. But maintaining a furnace is not as easy as it seems without proper precautions and maintenance, it could turn into a disaster. It increases the value of routine inspections and cleaning in every household. The common issues are mostly detectable by the furnace smells that is coming from the vents and ducts, which require immediate professional evaluation

Some of the common furnace smells include:Furnace Smells

  • Rotten Eggs
  • Burning Wires
  • Mold Outbreak
  • Furl
  • Gas Leak
  • Plastic
  • Dust

To learn more about the furnace smells, keep reading.

The smell of Rotten Egg:

You would not know if there is a gas leak as it is odorless and colorless. So, as a safety measure, the disgusting smell of rotten eggs is added to the gas. So, whenever there is a gas leak, you would know by the smell and immediately contact the professionals like AC company in Tucson, AZ

The smell of Burning Wires:

Fire breakouts from electrical circuits are common accidents, and you should be careful. The furnace is made up of more than just wires; it has plastic and rubber components. And in case of overheating, the entire system breaks down, leaking smells of wire burning, metal burning, plastic melting, indicating that your furnace needs professional attention immediately. 

Smell of Mold Outbreak:

The ducts in the HVAC system are prone to humidity and create a perfect living environment for bacteria and molds. Without proper maintenance, regular inspection, and cleaning, this musty outbreak will spread and lead to serious health issues. Therefore, don’t ignore it if your furnace smells like something musty or damp around the furnace.

Smell of Fuel:

In gas furnaces, a slight smell of burning fuels is common. But, if there is a strong smell, there might be an issue with the burners in the furnace. The buildup of unburnt fuel can lead to an explosion. Therefore, if you get a strong smell for a long time, you should turn off the furnace and call experts.

Smell of Gas Leak:

Chemical odors are easily detectable, but gas leakages are equally dangerous. If your furnace smells something chemical and strong around your furnace or HVAC system, quickly understand there’s been a gas leakage from the heat exchanger pump or the blower motor. These gasses are toxic and can lead to fatal accidents if not managed on time. In such cases, call Furnace Replacement in Tucson, AZ professionals and go for a furnace replacement quickly. 

Smell of Plastic:

If your furnace smells like burning or melting plastic, you should immediately check it. It might be possible that someone has mistakenly put something made of plastic near it. It often happens in the house with children and pets. But, be careful of the burnt plastic, do not pick it up directly with your hands. 

Smell of Dust:

When you turn on the furnace, it is normal to smell burning dust because It often settles down into the furnace when it is not in use. Cleaning and replacing the filters is the ultimate step for getting rid of the dust. However, if the furnace smells dusty for a long time, there might be some other problem, and you should immediately contact furnace repair in Phoenix.

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