What Is the Right Way to Maintain an AC Compressor?

It is challenging to deal with a broken air conditioning system. And you can keep yourself away from such difficulty by taking care of your air conditioning system and maintaining it. But do you know the right way to take care of your air conditioner?

To find out the right way to keep your air conditioner in its best health, the first thing you need to know is how your air conditioner functions. Your AC has a processor that pushes the liquid coolant into the condensing coil to produce cold air. And the AC compressor has a motor to compress the refrigerant gas.

The compressor is the most vital part of your air conditioning system. Thus, during an AC repair in Phoenix, you need to take extra care to maintain your AC compressor, such as:

Remove Any Obstruction

If your compressor unit is located outdoors, the chances are high that it gets affected by obstructions such as leaves, grass, dirt, and other debris. Any such obstacles can put extra pressure on your compressor and lead it to overwork. As a result, it starts damaging your motor with time. Keep any obstruction away from your AC compressor.

Wrap the Compressor

If you live in such an area where winter months are freezing, you need to be extra careful with your AC compressor. Wrapping the compressor with a clean and breathable cloth can protect it from the snow. Make sure to switch off the power while doing this.

Clean the Air Filters Regularly

If the air filters of your air conditioner are dirty and clogged, it may affect your AC compressor directly and massively. The compressor pulls in dirt particles and dust from the outside air, which goes directly to the air filters. And when the dust and dirt clog the air filters, they refrain the air from entering through them. As a result, the compressor counteracts by working harder. Cleaning the air filters with a clean, and soft-bristled brush is easy. And you don’t need to call for a professional air conditioning service in Tucson, AZ to clean those.

Engage the High-Pressure Switch

The compressor unit of your air conditioner has a high-pressure switch. And you can turn that switch on to prevent your air conditioner compressor from overheating. This helps you when you live in a region that is extremely hot, or where your compressor unit is exposed to direct sunlight.

Clean the Condenser Coils Regularly

It is advisable to clean the condenser coils regularly. The frequency of once in two weeks is enough to keep your condenser coils clean. Clean condenser coils allow your AC compressor to work efficiently.

You can take care of the AC compressor at home by following these steps. But every AC company in Phoenix recommends at least one professional maintenance in a year. Diamond AC & Heating has a range of care and repair services to keep your AC compressor at its best health. Call us at 602-932-6763.

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